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6 Tricks For Making A Small Space Feel Larger

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Whether you’re preparing your home for sale or you’ve just moved into a new home and you want to make it look perfect, working with smaller spaces can be a challenge. 

We all love the idea of an open-plan living area but sometimes that’s just not the reality of the home. However, don’t be discouraged: there have been many remarkable transformations of living areas despite being challenged by the lack of space.

The key to success is to let in as much light as possible. Curtains are often replaced by blinds that make windows appear larger and furniture is selected to ensure each piece suits the room.

Here are some excellent tricks that might help with your home: 

  1. Declutter – Oversized couches and coffee tables, even giant flat-screen TVs, will shrink the impression of space you’re trying to create. Make sure all the items in your living area have a purpose and be sure to remove anything that does not contribute to the space or makes it feel too busy. 

  2. Shelving – Get your objects up off the coffee table or floor by trying some open shelving. A nice balance of books, photographs and ornaments gives a room a homely feel. Bespoke, built-in cabinetry is another great approach for hiding away anything that you’re not using.

  3. Neutral tones – Stay away from anything too bold, especially if you’re preparing your home for sale. A neutral tone can make a space feel larger, it can also help shelving recede into the background. 

  4. TV technique – Hanging your TV on the wall is an excellent start, but surrounding it with open shelving and even cabinetry can enhance the space further and give you up to 40% more storage than free-standing cabinets. 

  5. Hide cables – In tight spaces, electric cables can make a space feel messy and unorganised. Wire in your TV and entertainment boxes so their cables are hidden behind the wall. Cabinets around your TV are also an excellent option for added storage and a great way to keep everything organised. 


Don’t waste space - be sure to create a specific purpose for any nooks or alcoves. You might make yours a reading area, or an alternative could be creating a play area for the kids.

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