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Easy tips that make moving smooth and stress free

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Depending on how often you move, you might have this down to a fine art, but for most Sydneysiders, moving is part excitement and part anxiety. Whilst you might be thrilled about your new property, the actual process of moving and settling into your new home isn’t always anticipated with relish. So here are Switch Real Estate’s tips for making this transition as easy as possible for everyone in your family.

Arrange the moving company as early as possible

As soon as the property goes unconditional, make a booking with your moving company. At this point you will know the settlement date, so it’s easy to lock in that date with the movers. If you are still looking for a property, but haven’t bought yet, this is a good time to research moving companies, so that you know who to call when the time is right. If you leave it too long to make a booking, the company might be fully booked and you will have to wait until they have a free spot before you can move into your new home.

Arrange all the utilities before the settlement date

This includes your internet, gas, electricity, landline and mobile phone providers, and the council. Your internet, gas, electricity and phone providers will all need your new address and your moving date. They can switch off these connections at your old home on that date and switch them on in the new property. For the internet you will need to make the final connections on the day, because you will need to hook up your modem, but if you have informed your provider beforehand, it only takes a phone call on the day. Natural and bottled gas can also be organised in the same way. Also, the council needs to know that you have purchased the house and your moving-in date, so that they can send you the rates and water bills. This doesn’t need to be done on the day you move-in, just don’t forget to call the rates department within a few days after settlement occurs.

Arrange cleaners for your new property

If the sellers have arranged for a professional cleaning crew to go through the property when it’s empty, you might not need to do this yourself. However, it’s always a good call to arrange professional cleaners yourself, because then you know that everything is beautifully clean. If however, you are moving in a few days after settlement, then you might have time to inspect the property and decide if you need professional cleaners. You can also leave any cleaning until after renovations are completed, if this is the reason why you aren’t moving in immediately.

Arrange a babysitter for the kids and pets

On the day you move into your new home, you will be busy organising all your furniture and belongings, so you won’t have time to supervise the children, cats or dogs. It’s a good idea to ask a relative or good friend to help supervise the children on that day, even taking them out for a day to the park or zoo. Dogs can be booked into an overnight kennel and cats into a cattery to keep them safe and not underfoot. Trades people and the moving people usually forget to keep garden gates and garage doors closed, so if you don’t allocate someone to watch your pets, it’s best to book them into secure accommodation. If you are going to book a kennel or cattery, do it at the same time you organise your moving company, so you don’t forget and can lock-in the date.

Pack a survival box for settlement day

Moving day is often hectic and can take all day just to unload the truck and unpack. Organisation comes later! So packing a survival box that you take with you in your car is a good strategy. It can include the kettle with mugs, coffee and sugar. An esky with milk and prepared sandwiches, quiches and other food that can be eaten cold, such as picnic foods also needs to be packed. This way you won’t have to be concerned about finding food or ordering in on moving day, keeping everyone fed and working!

Remember to change the locks

This is something that doesn’t need to be done on settlement day, but it’s important, so do it as soon as possible. Let’s be honest, you have no real idea who has been given a spare key to your new property, it can be children, neighbours, dog sitters or walkers, even gardeners, pool people and house sitters. If any of these keys are still in circulation then the security of your property, belongings, valuables and your family will be in jeopardy. So arrange for a locksmith to come to your property as soon as practical after settlement, and have all the external locks changed. This includes the garage door lock and the code for the automatic door remote, as well as the lock on the door that gives access to the house from the interior of the garage.

With these tips, you can look forward to a stress-free move to your new home.


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