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Getting Your House Ready to Sell in Spring!

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Spring is a popular time of the year to sell, with September fast approaching and demand for property holding strong, there are currently a lot of opportunities for vendors looking to make a move. Here are five things that you should consider when preparing your house for the market. 

1.  Street Appeal

Before a buyer even enters your home, they’ve already formed an opinion based on the outside of your property. It is extremely common for buyers to drive past before deciding to attend an inspection, so freshly cut lawns, well cared for gardens and a recently painted facade can mean the difference between busy open homes and no attendees.

2. Repairs and updates

Some basic updates can make a huge difference to the appearance of your home and make it more attractive to buyers. Now is also the time to get to those repairs that you have been putting off - things like plaster cracks, leaks, rusty squeaky hinges, cracked glass and anything else that people will notice.

3.  Keep it Simple

Remove all clutter and anything that is personalised, including art and family photos. You want potential buyers to be able to visualise themselves living in the home. 

4. Stage the house for buyers

Although property styling is not essential it is highly effective and becoming more and more common. The purpose of home styling is to make a property for sale more appealing, and demonstrate to potential buyers how they can live in the space.


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