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Ideas For Arranging Your Living Room Furniture

Simply changing the way your furniture is arranged can make a huge impact on how you actually use your living room.

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Encourage face-to-face conversation. 

Arranging the seating pieces to face each other makes conversation easier. Try setting up your chairs around a shared coffee table, it will create a focal point and also keep drinks within arms reach. 

Use chairs instead of sofas. 

In a small living room, use a collection of chairs instead of using sofas, this will help create a sense of greater space and openness. 

Pull it all together with a rug. 

In a larger living room, using a rug is a great way to unify a seating group and also make the space feel more intimate.

Create space for lounging. 

If lounging and TV-watching is the main purpose of your living room then a sectional sofa is an excellent choice. Sectional sofas are a flexible and comfortable seating option, which can be easily paired with ottomans and chaises to further enhance your space. 

Focus on the view. 

Be sure to maximise your views by arranging your furniture appropriately. Simply orient the main seating piece toward the view and arrange the secondary seating pieces around the main piece. If you don’t have views, try rearranging the room to focus on the fireplace.

Create activity zones. 

Try using your furniture arrangements to divide your living room into different activity zones. Combining a selection of different seating options can allow split zones for informal meals, kids games or casual conversations.

Divide the space with seating. 

If your living room is particularly large or used for bigger gatherings, bring intimacy and a comfortable sense of scale to the room by dividing it into two conversational groupings with a path between them. Placing one sofa with its back to this path will underscore the separation between the two groups

Create order with symmetry. 

When strategically placed on either side of a fireplace or another focal point, pairs of matching sofas, side tables and lamps can strike a perfect balance and impose a sense of order on your space.

Arrange seating in an L-shape. 

In larger living rooms, an L shaped sofa can fill the space nicely, while also providing a convenient conversational cluster. A single chair at the other side of this group can easily be moved closer when you have guests. 

Take advantage of your space.

Whether you have a blank corner to fill or a beautiful bay window, you can easily turn it into a quiet spot for two with a pair of comfortable chairs and an ottoman. Provide the chairs with a table and lamp so you’ll have light for reading and a place to rest a cup of tea. 

Offer casual seating. 

Oversize floor pillows and ottomans are great for relaxed seating options or lounging in front of the fireplace. They make excellent design pieces, while also being easy to move when you need them for extra seating.


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